Chronicle of House Blackfish

Of the First Men

Of the First Men
The road we travelled on was one of the old ones, probably from the time of the First Men. It continued to wind its way through the Kingswood and we made our way southwest on the way to Grassy Vale, and the lands of House Meadows and Lady Meadows.
The plan was to commandeer boats and travel down the Blue Byrn to Longtable, where we would receive a friendly welcome from House Merryweather.
There a small party would be sent north to BitterBridge and the Rose Road to meet with the 2,000 strong force seen heading southwest along it. An advance party would also head downriver to Cider Hall, the seat of House Fossoway.
Our force would rest at Longtable awaiting the outcome of the meeting on the RoseRoad, but with an advance force possibly awaiting at Cider Hall, it would be as safe as we could be.

At some point along the road, Maester Erryk Rudolfus advised that it would be best to guard the not inconsiderable incomes of House Blackfish in the baggage wagon. Hiding in plain sight, were his words. Ser Robert Hogg was charged with this most honourable task. Of course, only the most important of Lady Elspeth’s entourage know of this plan – to the force on the road it’s just a baggage train. Hurray Loddard is the driver of the wagon.

A few days later, things took an unexpected turn. We made camp nearby to an ancient barrow of the First Men, a short ways off the ancient road. That night, Maester Erryk Rudolfus took it upon himself to investigate said barrow, armed with only paper, quill and ink, rather than a sword and shield, as most right minded folk might be likened to do. With him he took Sally, Lady Eslpeth’s maid, and Bowen.
Some time passed before Bowen emerged and asked that two heavy urns be removed from the barrow, which the Maester seemed interested in. He probably would have wanted to remove the statues down there as well, but seemed satisfied in making lots of notes about them instead. 2 castle forged blades were also found. It does seem slightly odd that Sally seems to be riding around with one on her back, but as Lady Elspeth is suffering from a fever she is probably just trying to protect her Lady as much as possible.
The other blade is now in the possession of Lady Elspeth and House Blackfish, a veritable if small boon to the houses fortune. Pray that the Seven may look upon us kindly in such ways in the future. I’m sure those of the North would say that the souls of the First Men are watching over us. Let us hope that they are not The Others.

We came out of Kingswood and a small force riding under the peace banners. Our scouts had already told us the following things:
The existence of this peace force.
That the King had departed North for Winterfell.
That the all roads now lay open to the RedFort.
And that the 2,000 strong force has now turned around and is heading back to King’s Landing.

The peace force delivered a letter which the Maester confirmed as bearing the true seal of King Robert.
King Robert has said that the matter of accusations and murder should be resolved locally between the Dannets and Blackfishes et al. The King, the Lannisters and Tyrells were no longer involved in the matter. King Robert did hope that not too much blood would be spilt.
We now West to our Home Lands, the Shield Islands, where we plan to take the Dannets and their allies and build a strong base in the west. Other Houses will learn not to tar House BlackFish with accusations and hearsay.



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