Bowen Farmer

Retainer of House Blackfish


Bowen Farmer is one of many children to a family of farmers, having grown up in an isolated region of The Reach. Aged eleven, he was kidnapped by bandits who had confused him with the child of a high ranking family that were travelling through the area. Upon realising their error, reluctant to kill a child, they significantly lowered their request for ransom hoping to get at least a little money out of his family, but his parents, impoverished and occupied with his twelve siblings, ignored the request. The Lady Blackfish upon hearing of the situation through local gossip, offhandedly paid the trifling ransom and in doing so gained the naive and trusting Bowen’s eternal gratitude and loyalty.

He persuaded the Lady’s entourage to allow him to return to the island with them, where he made himself useful around the Blackfish tower, until he earned the post of retainer. Due to his sharp senses and speed, not to mention the fact that Lady Blackfish considers him too dim for espionage, he is frequently engaged by the family as a messenger, carrying notes and summonses around the island, to other islands in the Shield, and to various parts of the mainland.

A scandal marred his peaceful life when, aged fifteen, he was accused of spying. This is due to the amount of money he had accrued, which many of the household believed to be pay off’s from other houses. However, it was revealed that many of the people to whom he carried messages would give him tips, finding the eager, slightly dim young man endearing. He had saved this money, which was later discovered by a suspicious fellow retainer. The rumours were never taken seriously by Lady Blackfish and were eventually proved untrue, but the stain of suspicion still lingers.

Bowen Farmer

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